First Post

Welcome to dagreenstuff, my blog to reflect, review and rant (from time to time). My primary interests are exploring the stuff, which usually relates to creativity, learning and education, art and the connections that link this all together. I am currently reading a brilliant book called “Out of our Minds” by Sir Ken Robinson. Although the book is sometimes described as being about Human Resources, it really is a critique of the schools, academia, and society. He argues that contemporary schools and education are designed for a system and society that no longer exists, based upon the early industrial revolution and that a new model must be designed for now and the future. I find that his work is similar to that of Dr. Seymour Papert. In “The Children’s Machine”, Papert postulates that if a doctor and and teacher from the late 1880’s were transported to a modern surgery and classroom, the doctor would be lost, but the teacher would feel right at home. Other professions have changed and adopted to new methods, knowledge and process, but schools are desperately lacking. Robinson writes that some of the most important skills for the future are creative thinking and collaboration.


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