I am currently a doctoral student in Learning Technologies at Pepperdine University. My primary areas of interest are the relationships between collaboration, creativity and learning.

My personal, academic and professional background has been diverse, yet interrelated. I have worked on a farm, served in the military, build houses, trained as an artist, received a degree in history and have been working in interactive media since 1990. All of these experiences have led me to try to make choices that reflect my core values of a deep love of learning and a commitment to making a positive difference to society.

As a painter. I used my work to understand and comment on the relationships between text, images and the human spirit. I was particularly interested in the role of public art in society and education. One project that I am very proud of was time as an artist-in residence at an art center in northern Israel. There I worked with children from the schools of the three main western faiths- Jewish, Christian and Moslem to create collaborative public art that would educate the children to each other and leave a legacy for future school children. In Jewish history, I studied the relationship between historical events and the development of theological and spiritual texts especially relating to ethical actions.

I have been working in new media since 1990 and am currently an instructional technology analyst at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Prior to this I was New Media Coordinator at the Skirball Cultural Center, educational technologist at Hebrew Union College, and worked as an independent web and media designer and art cataloger. My professional primary interests are exploring creativity; the relationship of narrative and intelligence in storytelling and learning; the integration of non-linear narrative in new media; and how technology (especially Web 2.0) promotes the collaborative process between multiple disciplines and institutions.

My academic work is strongly influenced by the work of Howard Gardner in multiple intelligences, Seymour Papert in communities of learning, Janet Murray on interactive media as well as Marc Prensky and Alan Kay. Other creative influences in my thought process include Oliver Sachs, Mel Levine, Ben Shahn, Wassily Kandinsky, Jackson Pollack.

On the personal side, I am very interested in fine art, tai chi, world music, mysteries and trying to keep up with my kids.


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